Multiplication Worksheet for Grade 1

Here, you can find a free multiplication table that contains lots of fun exercises. There are various exercises available for you to practice and memorize tables. You can work on several types of exercises, such as drawing a line from the question to the correct answer or answering successive mixed tasks. In addition to practicing from the internet, it’s good that you also practice using paper.


Dynamically Created Multiplication Worksheets

Generally, students start from learning the multiplication table in the class. This system can be made easier using a 5-step plan and support for training sheets. After mastering the multiplication table 1, students can switch to multiplication table 2. Learn carefully this table using a number line, you will make a gradual jump. This multiplication chart is perfect for students in grades 1, 2 and 3 of primary/grammar school.

Multiplication tables form the basis for detailed calculations and understanding mathematics in general. The training collection here is suitable for math at primary school. This multiplication table that is specifically intended for primary/grammar school students is free to print or download in PDF format and also the students can also make their own multiplication sheets. This math multiplication is made random so that it can be an unlimited amount of training material, whether at home or in class.

Multiplication Practice

printable multiplication worksheets understanding multiplication addition 7

Multiplying by 3 multiplication worksheets

Math Worksheets For grade 1

Standard Competency
– Multiply and divide up to two numbers

Basic competencies
– Multiplying the resulting numbers is a two-digit number

Do you want to practice tables in your spare time? Below you will find a table practice worksheet. Click on one of the worksheets to view and print the table worksheet, after that of course you can choose another worksheet. You can choose between three different types of exercises per worksheet. In the first exercise you have to draw a line from the question to the correct answer. And second exercise you have to enter the missing number to solve the problem correctly. Also the third exercise you have to answer the questions that are displayed randomly. Three ways to practice tables that are fun in your spare time, provide a good basis for mastering all tables in the end, overall. Select a table to view the worksheet.

Multiplication Times Table 1-10

multi digit horizontal multiplication worksheet

Fill In Multiplication Worksheets

Grade 4 Multiplication Worksheets

math worksheet grade 1 addition

multiply whole tens hundreds thousands missing factor math worksheets

Multiplying 1 to 12 by 10

printable multiplication worksheets kindergarten


  • Know the meaning of multiplication as a recurrent addition
  • Quickly calculate the multiplication of numbers resulting from a two-digit number
  • Know the commutative nature of multiplication
  • Solve problems involving multiplication
  • Recognize the associative attribute of multiplication

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